About the Artists

We are Dan & Jeanne Lear, creators of all that you see here. We are relatively new to crafting jewelry, choosing it as a new creative chapter in our lives. It is Awesome! We have discovered that metalsmithing is the perfect artistic outlet, an absolute blend of art and craftsmanship. Not to mention we get to use some pretty cool tools including a torch. Dan and I love to experiment and design, so that means while we will always have our bestsellers available, a lot of the pieces you find here will be one of a kind. That’s good for you because hopefully you will find something to suit your individual style, and good for us because it keeps the creative juices flowing.

As you look around you may notice that our work is nature inspired. That’s because we are lucky enough to live right here in Big Sky Country – Hamilton, MT. Tall, craggy mountains, free-flowing rivers, and that endless sky! Day or night, it’s a thing of beauty.

We hope that you will remain with us as we continue to learn and grow as artists providing an ever expanding collection of new and exciting pieces for you to enjoy!

About the Jewelry

Copper Mountain Forge specializes in crafted copper and silver jewelry inspired by nature and created for the discerning, stylish individual.

How its Made

Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish using traditional metalsmithing techniques. A hand drawn design is created, then refined with files and sandpaper, polished, sometimes patinated, and finally waxed to preserve the finish. The results are heirloom quality sterling/fine silver, copper, and brass pieces inspired by the natural world and created for stylish people just like you!


We work with both sterling and fine silver, copper, brass, and occasionally gold metals. All pieces are sealed with wax to protect the finish. All beads and stones are precious and semi-precious. We strive to use only quality, natural materials at all times.