40 037195 Love is a Winding Road


Fine silver loops and winds around a stunning .75 carat purple Spinel. Size 7.75

Spinel is the coolest gemstone that you (probably) never heard of. It is also the newest birthstone to be added to the birthstone list! August babies now have a choice between vivid peridot and alluring spinel. The oldest known spinel dates back to 100 B.C. and was found in Kabul, Afghanistan, inside a Buddhist temple. Red and blue spinels were also being used in crafting by the Romans.  The most common colors seen in jewelry are red and blue, with the hues ranging from highly saturated to perfectly pastel. Other popular colors are yellows, purples, and pinks, although the gem comes in every color. Additionally, small crystals have been found on meteorites, a trait spinel shares with the other August birthstone, peridot.spinel is worth a first, and second, glance. With spectacular colors, excellent durability and an amusing history, it’s the perfect addition to anyone’s gem and jewelry collection.

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