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Our beautiful new cuff has a large oval Kambaba Jasper cabochon which is set into a linear mix of sterling silver and copper, that both centers and grounds it. 6 1/2”. One of the most intensely grounding minerals, it possesses an amazing quality of directing one’s personal energies downward, melding them with Earth’s energies, then sending that energy back up in an arc. It is told that this jasper will mystically soothe the nerves and your state of mind, and it brings a sense of security as well as protection. “The Earth speaks” is the message of this stone and indeed, use of this mineral may help us to better hear her speak. It is said to be beneficial for plant growth and health. Helps one to connect to the rhythms of the Earth and her energies and assists one to hear the voice of nature. This stone is highly recommend to anyone who is soul-searching and looking for meaning in their life; to anyone who is searching for truth; and to anyone who wishes more substance within their life.
Kambaba Jasper calms the emotions while providing insight into difficult situations. This gem is often referred to as the “Supreme Nurturer” as it provides support through life’s stressful events and is an excellent stone to wear to help alleviate worry.


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