50 038122 Enlightenment


Enlightenment is our pure copper hinged cuff with a triangular denim blue Picture Jasper nestled between two circles.
Picture Jasper is a protection stone that absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive. This gemstone is beneficial for creative visualization, starting a new business, and traveling abroad.
Picture Jasper is a Stone of Great Vision. This gem allows the wearer to see and accept “the bigger picture.” It contains messages from the past that were never dealt with. It resurfaces hidden feelings so they can be released and turned into lessons learned. Picture Jasper instills courage, confidence, and inspiration toward creative expression. This exceptional gemstone is often used to overcome “writer’s” or “artist’s” block, and brings guidance toward bringing goals and dreams into reality.
Picture Jasper Physical Healing Properties:
Gallbladder, Immune System, Kidneys, Lungs, Allergies, Muscle Spasms, Skin Disorders, Bones, Urinary Tract.

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